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D’Ambra Media specializes in developing content for television, streaming TV, news media, and corporate projects. We currently produce 11 series for television and streaming platforms. We develop streaming channels as well, for broadcast and corporate clients. We run 2 channels of our own, NJ on Air, a station focused on New Jersey programming and live events, available on iOS, Android, Kindle, And Roku and ChristmasFlix, a streaming channel exclusive to Roku.

At D’Ambra Media, we’re experts at content development and executing your strategic marketing plan. We work with large and mid-sized corporate clients to help develop the content needed to execute your strategic marketing and advertising plan.

D’Ambra Media was founded by Gerald D’Ambra, a long-time TV news Anchor, Reporter, Producer, Executive Producer and Publisher. Gerald worked at multiple TV stations and newspapers in the New York and Philadelphia markets. After 15 years in the news, Gerald started working in marketing and corporate communications, where he applied the skills of journalism and television to strategic marketing and corporate communications. His experience building media-rich digital campaigns helped contribute to the formation of D’Ambra media.