Corporate Messaging

We’ll help to ensure optimal communication channel mix to maximize outreach to external stakeholders in order to achieve awareness and knowledge in relevant areas, including measurement of results and impact.

Crisis Communications

We can help develop crisis communications plans, provide counsel during a crisis, craft all messaging to employees, media, and customers, and act as a spokesperson.

Media Relations

The news media plays a vital role in shaping your company’s reputation. We can help to secure news coverage in the places that potential customers and key stakeholders use on to form opinions and make purchase decisions

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Internal Communications Planning

Manage daily editorial calendar for employee channels, identifies stories, conducts interviews, and assembles graphic support for stories. Identify appropriate messaging, the impacted audiences, vehicles and timing.

Communications Platform Development

D’Ambra Media can introduce various communications tools, including digital, printed, and online communications, employee meetings and events, internal announcements, and videos, that support effective communication throughout the organization

Media Training

We provide the foundation for speaking with reporters, from story pitch to answering questions and staying on-message. We can provide extensive on-camera training, interactive exercises, meaningful discussion and real-life examples preparing employees for the toughest interviewers.